Hello everyone. 


Welcome to our Campo Blanco story!


We often get asked ‘Why Tapas?’ and ‘Why Whitefield?’. After years of holidaying around Spain and even living in Spain for a while, Spanish food, drinks and way of life became a passion of ours. 


After first meeting in High School, we were reunited while working at a restaurant in Prestwich while training to be teachers. After qualifying and working full time, we just couldn’t stop thinking about either moving to Spain, or recreating a bit of Spain in our local area. 


We opted for the latter, obviously. It seemed like such a huge task but we had a clear vision, found a perfect building and had the most supportive family and friends behind us. Aaron’s Dad, Terry, worked tirelessly every day for about 6 months helping us to fully renovate the building. We would be lost without him (and Lynne of course for organising us all!) 


The building was not in a good way and it took a lot of hard work to renovate it. We are so grateful to everyone who helped us along the way. 


So we had the building and the idea, but neither of us are Chefs. So Aaron got in touch with a friend and ex-colleague, Pedro, and asked him to help us design our Tapas menu. He created an amazing menu (if we do say so ourselves) with over 40 dishes, all freshly prepared and homemade. We were over the moon the day we got a call from Pedro to say he wanted to come on board full time and actually work at Campo Blanco. He is truly a very talented Head Chef with amazing passion and imagination. 


We are so lucky to also have an amazing team at Campo Blanco. Our team are like our family and we are so grateful for them for sharing our passion and vision.


We finally opened our doors in August 2018. We were so excited but also sooo nervous incase it was a huge failure. The opening night went so well and, well, we’re still here! We’ve had unbelievable support from family, friends and guests and guests who have now become friends. 


We love nothing more than creating a warm, friendly space for people to relax and enjoy spending time with loved ones while enjoying delicious food and amazing drinks. 


COVID has been a road bump for sure, but we can’t wait to reopen and for all the good times to come. Including finally introducing the world to our beautiful daughter, Matilda. 


Thank you for reading and hopefully we will see you soon!